Post-surgical Neuropathic Pain

Unfortunately, surgeries do not always go as planned. Sometimes the way the body responds to surgery can lead to entirely different issues. Occasionally, it can lead to persistent pain after surgery, which is neuropathic pain (NP). The nerves become injured during surgery, and pain persists after the surgical wound has healed. It results from the inflammation of the nerves and causes the patient to experience numbness, weakness, and sharp, often unbearable, pain in the area where the surgery occurred.

Patient experiencing Post-surgical Neuropathic Pain and in need of a physician

What Can Cause Post-surgical Neuropathic Pain?

Many factors can lead to the development of post-surgical nerve pain. A common misconception is that chronic post-surgical pain is always a result of mistakes made during surgery. Of course, errors do occur on occasion. There are always risks when having a surgical procedure done. Patients with vitamin deficiency or a history of nerve damage may have a higher chance of post-surgical neuropathic pain. In some cases of nerve damage, the symptoms fade over time, while in more severe cases, nerve damage may become chronic if not promptly treated.

How Can Our Physicians Help With Post-surgical Neuropathic Pain?

At Regenadoc, we understand the symptoms of post-surgical neuropathic pain. When our patients turn to us for nerve pain relief, we discuss the different factors causing their pain. Our goal is to identify the problem areas within your nervous system. Give us a call today at (973) 314-9797.

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